We deliver a range of high-end web development services for businesses moving to or furthering their presence in the Cloud

Cloud / Web application design and development from the ground up

We build core Cloud services that become a central service provision overhanging cloud applications, websites, API’s & phone / tablet apps. We have solutions that suit both businesses that have had absolutely no Cloud exposure, right up to business with a flourishing Cloud presence and wish to find ways to optimize and grow.

Custom API design, development and interconnectivity

API’s are becoming the new ‘digital currency’ for businesses online, enabling a safe, reliable communications conduit to share key data and resources to clients, partners and other key stakeholders to the business.  We can build RESTful API’s for business that are highly usable and scale able to meet future growth demands, a benefit many business do enjoy once getting their API presence online.

Database and Information Architecture consultation

Rapid growth within business can easily expose defects in the architecture of information,  both from a database design perspective and the general day to day access of data. We can help bridge the gaps of anything that may have been previously overlooked or just help to optimize what may ‘seem’ on the surface to be a well functioning architecture (few ever really are !)

Ongoing quality assurance, testing and application support

We offer ongoing support, testing and maintenance for businesses with Cloud application environments, built both on our own custom developments,  and providing they pass inspection, for pre-existing applications / environments.

Cloud migration consultation, implementation and education

Part of the battle of getting started in the Cloud is not knowing ‘where’ to start. Most businesses can back resources and productivity by shifting current on-site data environments into the cloud .. we can help, with the discovery, education and end to end migration of existing on-site business environments to the Cloud.

Phone and tablet APP design and development

Our core competency lies in developing the core foundation that drives other applications but that doesn’t mean we don’t service the complete scenario. We provide iPhone, Android, Tablet and other mobile device application design and implementation,  built on top of our own or  a business’s existing API architecture.

We’ve connected customers to many of the webs popular API’s and integrated services such as payments, SMS, email & more

We’ve designed and developed state of the art Cloud apps in some of the most challenging environments

Cloud banking platform

Cloud banking platform

The Cloud Banking platform is the latest Web Factor undertaking, and represents a leap forward in cloud computing technology as a whole.  The platform brings together services from multiples API's relating to payments and cash-flow management,  to produce a previously unattainable centralized approach to managing the entire process.

Technologies PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Laravel, Asynchronous Processing
API's NAB Transact, SendGrid, SMS Central, MYOB, Xero, Iron.io, Papertrail
Online Auction Marketplace

Online Auction Marketplace

The online auction marketplace targeted the removalist industry, it allows end users to post jobs for house / business removal jobs to the market place, and have removalists bid on these, somewhat similar to eBay but for a service based product.

Technologies PHP, MySQL, jQuery
API's NAB Transact,  SMS Central
Home automation controller

Home automation controller

We developed a working proof of concept home automation controller interface, that links to and control to Z-wave wireless and other home auto devices such as light & power switches, thermostats, water leak & smoke sensors.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery
API's : InControl HA Automation Framework
Payment Portal

Payment Portal

The payment portal was an API driven middleware application that assists users to schedule recurring transactions and process tokenized credit cards via the NAB Transact API.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery
API's : NAB Transact, SMS Central, Xero, Ezidebit

We only use the webs most popular and well supported development languages

.... including the most flexible and interactive interface design concepts

... structured around the absolute latest in application frameworks

... backed by rigorous adherence to web user experience, quality assurance and security standards

... and pioneer the industry with newly developed distributed processing & queuing methods

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